Our Frequently Asked Questions here.

The Room-to-Shine Promotion is a campaign that INFRATEL has launched that will give customers an opportunity to enjoy some of our Data Centre services for FREE for 30 days.

Customers can sign up and enjoy Data Centre Collocation, Virtual Machine and Cloud Storage services for FREE for a 30-days period.

No, the customer will not be charged the set-up fees or IP for colocation & VMs set up.

The Promotion is open to new customers who are taking up INFRATEL services for the first time. Existing customers who would like to take up additional services are also eligible to participate.

A minimum of 1 Full Rack (42U) on Colocation, 6Vcpu 4GB RAM 80GB HDD for Virtual Machine and 1TB for Cloud Storage. For customers who get services with specifications below these, they will enter the standard service agreement.

To sign up, customers will be expected to sign Promotion Service Agreement form.

Ans: The promotion runs for three months.

Yes. Customers retain the right to sign out of the promotion at any time by giving 7 days formal notice to INFRATEL.