INFRATEL offers premium Data Centre services in our globally certified facilities. We are Zambia’s most advanced Data Centre service provider boasting of ISO27001, PCI DSS and Uptime Institute Tier III certifications. INFRATEL is running a three-months promotion dubbed “Room-to-Shine”. The promotion is aimed at accelerating the adoption of digital services and products by enterprises in Zambia. This promotion will give customers an opportunity to use select Data Services at no charge for 30 days. Businesses have a unique opportunity to use some of our services at no cost and benefit from our robust cyber and physical security, exceptional uptime and availability.

Terms and Conditions:

  • 1. Customers who opt into this promotion will get Colocation, Virtual Machine and Cloud storage services with no connection or service charge for thirty (30) days.
  • 2. The promotion is open to both existing and new customers looking to get additional services or begin their digital transformation journey.
  • 3. To qualify for the promotion, customers must be willing to take up the following services with minimum specifications as outlined in the table below:

    Service Name Minimum Specifications
    Colocation Full Rack Space - 42U
    Virtual Machine 6vCPU, 4GB RAM, 80GB HDD
    Cloud Storage 1 TB

  • 4. Customers who opt into the promotion will be expected to sign a Promotion Service Agreement form.
  • 5. Customers who opt into the promotion will enjoy the free service for a period not longer than thirty days.
  • 6. After the thirty (30) days free promotional period, customers will have an option to continue using the service by signing a Standard Service Contract or opt out of the promotion at no co
  • 7. Customers can sign out of the promotion at any time within the 30 days by giving seven (7) days formal notice to INFRATEL of intention to opt-out of the promotion.
  • 8. INFRATEL will run this promotion for a period of (3) months and retains the right to extend the promotion period.
  • 9. INFRATEL retains the right to revise these terms and conditions.