Tower space forms a key component of our tower service offering. To assist our customers during their radio planning, we make all our tower specifications known to them. More details are given to them once they send us a formal request indicating which tower heights they are interested in. We then let them know which tower heights are available to them.

Our Projects and planning team is always on hand to assist our customers with all relevant information that can assist them in their network planning. Tower space is allocated efficiently in the spirit of enhancing the usage of the shareable infrastructure.

Why Choose Us

INFRATEL offers tower space to carter for all customer equipment for the various available technologies, be it 2G, 3G, 4G or broadcasting. The pricing is very transparent and competitive, meant to ensure that the customer has no need to consider building their own tower.

The engagement with customers seeks to ensure that the installation is done in an appropriate and safe manner. INFRATEL is able to offer additional services like antenna mounting as per customer requirement.


Well maintained towers
Customer equipment arranged in an orderly manner
Well grounded, and tested frequently
Working Aviation lighting
Monitored 24/7
Secure towers
More than 1200 towers country wide

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